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TTI National, Inc. provides a range of high-quality communications services, utilizing the MCISM network to provide reliability, fast connections, clarity and international reach. The network is among the industry's most advanced, delivering quality service and the ability to accommodate your business growth.

Products and Services:
TTI National provides flat rates for state-to-state, in-state long distance, local toll (limited availability) and international calls to existing customers. In addition rates are provided for Toll-Free service.

Effective June 1, 2006, TTI National,Inc. (TTI) will no longer offer long distance service to new customers. Effective September 1, 2006, customers currently subscribed to TTI long distance service will no longer be able to move, add to, or make changes to their service.

If you currently subscribe to TTI and would like more details about TTI Nationals products and services contact customer service at 1-800.893-5094.

General Service and Agreement

Arizona Subscriber's Rights Regarding Unauthorized Changes and Unauthorized Charges

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